Piston Cups



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Piston cups are used on piston heads, plungers and rams. Piston cups are very economical due to the long life-span, simple design and wide-spread application. Since the "cup" side of the piston cup is installed towards the pressure element, it is easy to maintain a tight mechanical seal.

Homogenous piston cups are designed for low pressure applications. For medium duty applications, adding fabric reinforcement will prevent extrusion and maintain the seal between piston head and cup.

Standard Piston cups are made of 80 durometer Nitrile. 70 and 90 durometer are also available, as well as a variety of other compounds.

Available in the following Materials

Buna Nitrile Carboxylated Nitrile EPR, EPDM, EPT Viton
Fluorocarbon Silicone Neoprene Polyurethane