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As one of the oldest seal companies in business today, Burly Seal Products has established reputation for quality, service and innovation. Established in 1953, it remains one of less than a dozen manufacturers of standard industrial products made of fabric reinforced rubber, and one of less than a handful who still manufacture leather packings. Today, Burly continues to invest in advanced seal manufacturing technologies with a clear vision of meeting customer needs buy providing the very best stock and custom-made seals.

Burly manufactures seals and packings for wide array of applications including:

Industrial Hydraulic Machine ToolsAgricultural Equipment
Construction Mobile Hydraulics

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Burly has over 100 years of combined management experience in the seals and packings industry. By combining technical know-how and manufacturing expertise with best practices and ISO certification, Burly is able to consistently maintain top quality output across the entire range of products. This gives customers confidence to know they can order products with demanding specifications and know they will be delivered to match expectation.

Industries served include:

EnergyGeneral Manufacturing

If we haven't already made it, we will for you.

Burly Seal Company manufactures a wide array of products using a variety of materials including elastomers, leather and fabrics. Manufacturing processes that include compression molding, thermoset injection molding and plastic injection molding give Burly extensive capabilities to manufacture quickly and effectively. With these advanced technologies, Burly is able to produce custom products to exact specification, quickly and reliable.

Burly products include:

Sealpacks (Loaded Lip Seals)Enhanced Sealpacks
Well Service PackingsVee Packings
Piston CupsRod Wipers
Dura-Pac (W-Vee Packings)U Cup Packings
Leather PackingsBushings


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